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Gomez, Daniel, R.A.

Building Code Coordinator Consultant
Off. 305-348-4666


Johnny Suggs       
Fire Safety Inspector
Off:  305-348-8437
Fax: 305-348-0579

Building Official

The Building Official coordinates the Building Code Administration Program of the University. Administers and reviews all applicable technical codes and regulations related to the construction program; reviews from each project phase; issue permits, coordinate or perform construction inspections and issue Certificates of Occupancy or Completion.


Permit Information

*All completed Building Permit Applications may be submitted to the FIU Building Department via email to in a portable document format (.pdf). Attachments and/or drawings required as part of the permit application may be submitted in person in a nonelectronic format.  At the discretion of the Building Official attachments and/or drawings may also be submitted electronically in a portable document format (.pdf).


Click on the links below to download the forms. The forms are available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). You may need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on the picture below.



a. Building Permit Application FBC 2017

b. Roofing Permit Application FBC 2017

c. Requirements for Permit Issued by Affidavit FBC 2017

d. Requirements for Manufactured Building FBC 2017

e. Required Shop Drawings Submittals and Products Approvals FBC 2017

f. AHJ SFM Life Safety Related Inspections

g. Architect/Engineer Affidavit Opening Letter FBC 2017

h. Architect/Engineer Affidavit Closing Letter FBC 2017

i. threshold Inspector Affidavit Letter FBC 2017

j. CC or TCO or CO Request Form Letter

k. Building Code Administration Program


Campus Support Complex Building


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