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» Nuñez, Hector
Senior Engineer/Supervisor

Off. 305-348-4673
Fax. 305-348-4674

» Rodriguez, Steve
Graphic Artist

Off. 305-348-4673
Fax. 305-348-4674

» Leal, Silvia
Off. 305-348-4673
Fax. 305-348-4674

Graphics & Design

Graphics and Design is responsible for all aspects of the University's permanent signage programs as well as inter-departmental graphic presentations. These signage programs consist of the design, layout, fabrication and installation of interior and exterior signs. The sign types include traffic, directional, information, building names, room numbers, building directories, and building general information signs. This unit also supervises minor projects related to signs that are manufactured and installed by outside contractors.



Campus Support Complex Building

Room 1115

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