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 Griffith, Robert W., RA, AUA
Director Facilities Planning
Off. 305-348-4090
Fax. 305-348-0579
Email: Robert.Griffith@fiu.edu

Paulo C. Costa       
Coordinator of Planning
Off:  305-348-4009
Fax:  305-348-0579
Email: Paulo.Costa@fiu.edu

Stuart Grant       
Coordinator of Planning
Off:  305-348-4399
Fax:  305-348-0579
Email: Stuart.Grant@fiu.edu

Daniel Gomez, R.A       
Building Code Coordinator Consultant
Off:  305-348-4666
Fax: 305-348-0579
Email: gomezda@fiu.edu

Angelica Paz       
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Off:  305-348-4090
Fax: 305-348-0579
Email: angpaz@fiu.edu

Johnny Suggs       
Fire Safety Inspector
Off:  305-348-8437
Fax: 305-348-0579
Email: Johnny.Suggs@fiu.edu

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Facilities Planning involves activities necessary to define requirements for capital improvements for all land managed by Florida International University. These activities include campus master planning, capital improvement planning, preparation of legislative budget requests, preparation of building programs, managing the process for selection of design and construction professional consultants, contract negotiations and renewals.

Building code and fire code compliance, issuing building permits and coordination of asbestos surveys and abatement is also managed and administered by Facilities Planning.

Other activities within Facilities Planning include mapping and recording site information, documentation of underground utilities, 3D campus and building exterior modeling, administration of university Space Committee and documentation for the physical facilities space inventory.




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