Florida International University
Graham Center Renovations & Additions BR-860

Florida International University shall evaluate each Application for Prequalification and determine whether the Applicant is qualified to bid on these Projects based on the information contained in the Application, on any supplemental information acquired by Florida International University from the Applicant, or any other relevant information known to Florida International University.  Florida International University may waive minor formalities or irregularities.  The evaluation of Applications shall be made jointly by representatives of Florida International University and the Architect/Engineer (MC Harry & Associates). 

Evaluation Criteria 

1.                   Is the Application complete and responsive to the requirements of the Prequalification Procedure? 

2.                   Does the Applicant meet the Florida Licensing Requirements for the Project? 

3.                   Has the Applicant satisfactorily completed within the past five years at least one significant institution or other commercial project similar in size and complexity to the Project? 

4.                   Has the Applicant successfully completed within the past five years at least five other projects of any type that are similar in size and complexity to the Project? 

5.                   Does the Applicant have current available bonding capacity of the amount specified in the Prequalification Procedure for the Project? 

6.                   Is the experience level of key members of the Applicant’s staff who will be assigned to the Project appropriate for the Project? 

7.                   Based upon references from owners, architects, engineers and subcontractors on previous projects completed by the Applicant, does the applicant have a reputation for: 

a.                  Providing a high standard of quality in its craftsmanship and installation, and consistently achieving first class workmanship? 

b.                  Following the project schedule and completing projects within the contract time? 

c.                   Supervising the project and the work with skilled professional employees who take responsibility for coordinating the work and solving problems as they are encountered? 

d.                  Displaying a cooperative attitude when working with the owner, architect/engineer and other contractors?

e.                   Displaying a willingness to work with the owner/architect/engineer to safeguard ongoing operations and react to changing circumstances? 

f.                    Understanding the technical requirements of the contract documents and asking for clarification before executing work about which there are doubts or concerns? 

g.                   Exercising a constant concern for safety and complying with OSHA and other safety standards and practices at all times? 

h.                   Updating and revising the project schedule as necessary to reflect the actual progress of the work and anticipate necessary future changes? 

i.                     Taking the actions necessary to bring the project back on schedule in a timely manner if the progress in completing the work falls behind the schedule? 

j.                    Thoroughly punching-out the work in a timely manner and with particular attention to the details prior to asking the architect/engineer for inspection? 

k.                   Informing subcontractors with regard to the project contract requirements? 

l.                     Employing subcontractors that provide a standard of quality that exemplifies first class workmanship and professional supervision over their work and employees? 

m.                 Seeking and using input from subcontractors in preparing updates and revisions to the project schedule? 

n.                   Conducting highly productive periodic coordination meetings with subcontractors, the owner, architect/engineer and others? 

o.                   Providing acceptable pricing information on contract extras in a quick and responsive manner? 

p.                   Successfully negotiating changes in contract price or time without resorting to contractor claims, arbitration or litigation? 

8.                   Does the Applicant have a history of claims, suits, judgments or failure to complete work awarded? 

9.                   Does the Applicant have prior construction experience with universities within the State of Florida?