Florida International University
Graham Center Renovations & Additions BR-860

1.                   Definitions 

Applicant” means any prospective Prime Contractor submitting a State of Qualification. 

Project” shall mean Graham Center Renovations & Additions, or any part thereof. 

Prime Contractor” means any person, firm, or corporation who intends to bid to furnish labor and materials under a contract with Florida International University for the construction of the Project. 

2.         Purpose 

The purpose of this procedure is to describe the manner in which Florida International University shall qualify Prime Contractors eligible to bid on the Project.  No bid shall be accepted by Florida International University for the Project unless the Prime Contractor submitting such bid has been prequalified in accordance with these procedures. 

3.            Instructions to Applicants 

A.                  A Prime Contractor who seeks to be prequalified for this Project shall submit fully executed copies of a completed Application to Florida International University.  The Application shall be submitted in triplicate to: 


                        Ms. Martha Torres

                        Sr. Project Manager

                        Florida International University

                        Facilities Planning & Construction

                        Division of Business and Finance

                        University Park, CSC 236

                        Miami, FL  33199 

Applications must be received no later than 2:00 P.M. LOCAL TIME ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2002

            B.         The Application shall be submitted on forms, excluding AIA Document A305, provided by Florida International University.  Application forms are available by logon to http://facilities.fiu.edu/fpc.htm (find project under Facilities Construction Project Information) and download document in electronic format.  Telephone or e-mail requests will not be accepted. 

Additionally, Application forms are available upon written request to the following postal address:  Ms. Martha Torres, Sr. Project Manager, Florida International University, Facilities Planning & Construction, Division of Business and Finance, University Park, CSC 236, Miami, FL  33119.  Also, the forms are available upon written request via telefax to Ms. Torres’s attention at 305.348.4010. 

C.         Prime Contractors who submit Applications that are incomplete may, at the discretion of Florida International University, not be considered for prequalification.  Applications received after the specified deadline will not be considered for prequalification on this Project.  Florida International University reserves the right to waive any minor informalities or irregularities, to request additional information from an application, or to reject any and all Applications. 

4.            Consideration of an Application of Prequalification 

Florida International University shall evaluate each Application and determine whether the Applicant is qualified to bid on the Project based on the information contained in the Application, on any supplemental information acquired by Florida International University from the Applicant, or any other relevant information known to Florida International University.  In order to be considered for qualification, the Applicant must meet the following: 

A.                  All Prime Contractors must meet each of the following criteria: 

·         The Prime Contractor must meet Florida Licensing Requirements for each prime contract for which it is seeking prequalification. 

·         The Prime Contractor must have satisfactorily completed, within the past five (5) years, at least one significant institutional, student union project, or other commercial project similar in size and complexity to the Project for which the Prime Contractor wishes to prequalify and that had a total actual contract amount in excess of five million dollars ($5,000,000). 

·         The Prime Contractor must provide a listing of at least five (5) projects successfully completed within the past five (5) years of any description (not previously listed) that are similar in size and complexity to the Project for which the Prime Contractor wishes to prequalify. 

B.                  If a Prime Contractor wishes to prequalify for the Project, it must show proof of a current available bonding capacity of at least ten million dollars ($10,000,000). 

Other criteria to be used in determining whether the Applicant is qualified shall include: 

A.                  The capability of the Applicant to perform the work based on: 

·         Experience and success with projects of similar scope, especially the following: 

1.       Experience in the construction of additions and expansions to existing facilities; this type of experience is critical as aspects of maintaining existing facilities operational during day-to-day construction activities is a key ingredient to this project.

2.       Experience in the construction of facilities within dense campus or similar type of environments; this experience is critical as there are a number of pedestrian circulation paths that converge within the project site that will need to be re-routed. 

·         Experience of key members of the Applicant’s staff who will be assigned to the project. 

·         Current workload. 

·         Timely completion of previous contracts. 

·         Value of construction contract change orders. 

·         Financial stability. 

·         Reputation for timely, high quality and workmanlike completion of prior contracts based upon references from owners, architects, engineers, and contractors on previous projects. 

·         Prior construction experience with universities within the State of Florida. 

·         Firm organization, background and resources. 

·         Past claims, suits, judgments or failure to complete work awarded. 

B.         The Applicant’s specific work plan to address the requirements of Florida International University regarding the utilization of minority business enterprise (MBE) subcontractors, suppliers and vendors. 

5.            Notifications of Applicants 

A.         All Prime Contractors who submit an Application will be notified of their eligibility for bidding prior to the Project being released for bid. 

B.                  A list of all Prime Contractors qualified to bid on the Project will be made available by Florida International University prior to the Project being released for bid.

6.         General 

A.                  Evaluation of the applications for prequalification shall be made jointly by representatives for Florida International University and the Architect/Engineer (M.C. Harry & Associates). 

B.                  A determination concerning the qualification of a Prime Contractor to bid on the Project is applicable to this Project only. 

C.                  Florida International University shall not be responsible in any manner for any cost or expenses associated with the preparation or submission of Applications. 

D.                  Upon receipt by Florida International University, the Applications submitted shall become the property of Florida International University.