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 Alex Fals
Insurance Coordinator

Off. 305-348-6970

Fax. 305-348-4010

 Julian Romero
Office Associate

Off. 305-348-2577

Fax. 305-348-4010

 Kristina Medina
Sr. Coordinator Admin Services

Off. 305-348-4552

Fax. 305-348-4010

 Analysis, Assessment, and Risk Management

The Analysis, Assessment, and Risk Management Department (AARM) supports the Facilities Management Division and the Finance and Administration Division developing opportunities for the university through research, analysis, and project management that maximizes performance while minimizing risks and promoting FIU’s development.

Risk Management
The primary objective of the Risk Management Department is to identify, analyze and prioritize exposures to loss and to assist in the prevention of potential losses and mitigate the negative effects of realized losses.  

Hurricane Preparedness
When catastrophic events are inevitable, we need to be prepared to respond immediately when the event ends. Our team will coordinate the building and space assessment and provide decision making information to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Operational Metrics
You can only manage what you can measure! Our team is developing KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that will allow us to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of our efforts.

We take a comprehensive approach to problem solving and support the FMD teams by analyzing historic data, defining processes, and providing strategic guidance in various ad hoc projects.

Special Events
Weather Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Seminar - July 31st, 2014 - Presentation Slides (.pdf)

Special Event Planning Workshop - May 17th, 2013 - Presentation Slides (.pdf)

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