The University has implemented a new Electronic Access Control (Schlage SMS) web application. The application can be accessed by clicking on the MyFacilities button below. The site is only accessible via the FIU wired or FIU Wireless (FIU_SECUREWiFi) networks. Remote Access is available via FIU VPN (Cisco AnyConnect).


Video Tutorials

  •  How to access the application?
  •  Access Manager: Cardholder
  •  Access Manager: Category
  •  Access Manager: Area
  •  Access Manager: Area Set
  •  Scheduling: Timezone
  •  Scheduling: Automatic Overrides
  •  Reports


SMS Web is providing a new experience for all its users on managing access control. It has a modern, user-friendly design with its main emphasis on ease-of-use. Its main changes are as follow:

  • It is now accessible from anywhere (Outside FIU VPN is required) and any device.
  • No installation necessary.
  • New modern user interface.
  • Most SMS tasks located in one place.
  • New way of granting/removing access.
  • New way of creating automatic overrides.
  • Easier way of generating reports by cardholder, device, area.
  • Integrated with MyFacilities with access to other useful applications.

  • SMS is an essential application used throughout the university to manage access for students, faculty, and staff. SMS Web was developed to facilitate access to all its users. It can now be accessed from any device anywhere (Outside FIU VPN is required), as long as you are connected to the FIU VPN.

  • If you need access to SMS Web, please send an email to Anthony Lima here to request access.

  • SMS Web can be accessed from the navigation menu. Once you are successfully signed in to MyFacilities, you can click on the navigation menu located on the top right corner. A menu with all the applications MyFacilities has to offer will drop down. If you are authorized to use the SMS Web application, you will see an option called Access Control. By clicking on that option in the menu, a new option will appear called Security Management System. By clicking on that, you will be redirected to the SMS Web application.

  • To see Access Control on the navigation menu, you need to be an authorized user. Please send an email to Anthony Lima here to request access.

  • As of today, that feature is not yet available on the web. It is currently only available on the client. If you need that set up, please send an email to Anthony Lima here to request access in the meantime.

  • The access will be programmed soon after after the request gets processed, given that the network communication is working properly.

  • If you come across an issue while using SMS Web in MyFacilities, please contact Facilities IT at  305-348-4110.
  • If you come across an issue with door hardware, please contact Key Control at  305-348-4677.