Academic Health Center 5  (AHC5) BT-877

Construction Pictures

Academic Health Center 5 (AHC5)  BT-877
Projected GSF: 119,427
Estimated Construction Cost: $38.3 million
Projected Completion Date: December 2013

The AHC5 (Academic Health Center 5) Project combines the Robert Stempel College of Public Health (SCPH&SW) and Social Work with research faculty from A&S’s Earth and the Environment facilitating studies of "Extreme Events" such as the impact of hurricanes and other disasters on public health. The AHC5 Complex will house teaching labs for Public Health, faculty, research, and staff offices, as well as wet and dry research labs for all three programs in a collaborative setting. The program includes a 10,080 GSF multi-purpose Active Learning Room with a total 200 seat capacity and a 6,570 GSF suite of Behavioral Labs.

AE: Perkins + Will
CM: Skanska