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Gomez, Daniel, R.A.

Building Code Coordinator
Off. 305-348-4666


Alfred Melendez       
Fire Safety Inspector
Off:  305-348-8437
Fax: 305-348-0579

Building Department

The FIU Building Department’s objective is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the students, faculty, staff, employees, guests, visitors and the general public within the university’s built environment.   This is done through the administration of the Florida Building Code as outlined in Florida International University’s Building Code Administrations Program.   The FIU Building Department in a good faith effort, conducts reviews of plans and specifications as well as performs construction inspections in a knowledgeable, consistent and non-discriminatory manner.   This is done to ensure compliance with adopted codes, regulations and industry standards.

Building Code Administrator

The Building Code Administrator is tasked with coordinating the University’s Building Code Administration Program and enforcing the Florida Building Code.   The BCA administers and reviews all applicable technical codes and regulations related to the construction process.   The BCA reviews construction documents for compliance, issues permits for construction, coordinates the performance of construction inspections as well as issues Certificates of Occupancy or Completion.

Permit Information

-         Building Code Administration Program

-      Requirement for Permits issued by Affidavit

-      Requirements for Manufactured/Modular Buildings

-      Required Shop Drawings/Submittals/Product Approvals

-      AHJ/SFM Required Life Safety Related Inspections

-      Building and Hurricane Design

Permit Applications and other forms:

*All completed Building Permit Applications may be submitted to the FIU Building Department via email to  in a portable document format (.pdf). Attachments and/or drawings required as part of the permit application may be submitted in person in a nonelectronic format.  At the discretion of the Building Official attachments and/or drawings may also be submitted electronically in a portable document format (.pdf).


Click on the links below to download the forms. The forms are available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). You may need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on the picture below.


-      Building Permit Application

-    Building Permit Application – Temporary Structures

-    Roofing Permit Application

-    Architect/Engineer Affidavit Opening Form Letter

-    Architect/Engineer Affidavit Closing Form Letter

-    Threshold Inspector Affidavit Form Letter

-    Civil Engineer Affidavit Form Letter

-    CC/TCO/CO Request Form Letter  


A: Permits are required for any construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, movement, demolition, change in occupancy and/or structural repairs of a building or structure.

A: The Florida Building Code allows for certain work to be exempt from permits. Mainly Gas, Mechanical and Plumbing work where the work is portable in nature is exempt from permits (e.g. portable heaters, portable fans, portable A/C’s, spot coolers). Also the stopping of leaks and the clearing of stoppages does not require a permit. Emergency repairs are also exempt from permits; however the BCA must be informed within the next working business day. Emergency repairs are classified as repairs which threaten life safety or property.

A: No. But the BCA must be informed of the minor repair prior to the repair taking place. Minor repairs DO NOT include cutting away of any wall, partition or portion thereof, removal or cutting of structural beams or load bearing supports, removal or change in the required means of egress.

A: Any person performing any type of construction work at FIU is required to have a current license for their appropriate trade. The FIU Building Department accepts license certifications from the State of Florida or Miami-Dade County. Proof of current licensure must be presented to the Building Code Administrator.

A: A licensed contractor needs to complete and execute a Building Permit Application and submit along with all required documentation. The Building Code Administrator will review the application and supplemental documentation for appropriateness. If all requirements are completed, the Building Code Administrator will issue a building permit.

A: If your tent is under 120 square feet; it does not require a permit.

A: When the tent is larger than 120 square feet and is intended to be used by 10 or more persons, it is required to obtain a permit. This includes tents which are tied together to create an area larger than 120 square feet.

A: The temporary structure should be located a minimum of 30 feet from any existing structure as required by Florida Building Code.

A: No. Only temporary structures erected are required to obtain a permit (e.g. tents, stages, platforms, generators, etc…)

A: Banners and Signs are subject to review by the Building Code Administrator. May require engineering assessment for gravity and wind load impacts.


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