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 Plexiglass Dividers Project

The Protective Divider Workgroup requests your help in identifying and prioritizing the areas within your departments that may need protective dividers.  We feel this is the best approach to identify the total university need for dividers and to deliver them in the most rapid and efficient manner possible.

It is cost prohibitive and impractical to expect acrylic protective dividers in every office and cubicle, which is why we are asking that you identify customer service desks/reception areas within your departments that are likely to receive a large volume of face-to-face interaction with students, the public, or other university stakeholders. 

Below is a link to the order form where you will be asked to provide specific information:

  1. The name, email address, and phone number of your department point of contact responsible for the dividers
  2. Building and room number for each customer service area needing protective dividers
  3. Size and type of divider provided as a drop-down menu option
  4. Quantities of dividers for each location
  5. Preferred installation date for each location

Multiple sizes of dividers in one room will each need to be entered on a line in the order form.  A sample form can be found here to guide you in entering the information correctly.

To assist you in identifying locations, a link to Academic Space Management’s building floorplans is provided in the links to the left.  Also provided is a link to guidelines on where and how the dividers can be installed so that they are code compliant.  Since a vendor will install the dividers, this guidance is provided only to aid you in deciding what you need and where you need it.  Most needs can be met using the three standard sizes available in the drop-down menu.  However, if you require a different size, you will have the option to specify those sizes and quantities on the order form in the “Comments” column.  Please keep in mind these dividers will be special orders, which will take additional time.

Our goal is to have these dividers installed by the start of the fall semester.  However, if you have locations that will need dividers prior to the fall semester, the order form will allow the option of specifying a preferred installation date. 

Our intent is to select vendors through a competitive selection process to fulfill these orders.  In this manner we will be able to take advantage of more competitive pricing through bulk orders.  Please do not submit your own minor project requests.  Minor projects will be initiated based on your order form input. 

Thank you for your assistance throughout this important initiative.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the project manager Lisardo Ortiz at lisortiz@fiu.edu.

Stay healthy and stay safe!  Panthers Protecting Panthers!


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