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Brozic, Edward

Director of Budget
Off. 305-348-4008
Fax. 305-348-4014

Fleming, Jannette

Associate Director of Finance Off.  305-348-1469
Fax. 305-348-4010

Catlin, Denise

Professional Accountant 3

Off.  305-348-4042
Fax. 305-348-4006

Monteagudo, Caridad
Professional Accountant 2

Off. 305-348-4048

Fernandez, Raquel
Accounting Specialist

Off. 305-348-6956

Fernandez, Raquel

Sr. Accountanting Clerk

Off. 305-348-6956

Sardina, Justo
Professional Accountant 1

Off. 305-348-4665

 Budget and Financial

The Budget and Financial section is responsible for both Facilities Operation & Maintenance and Facilities Construction Budgets. This section is responsible for the record keeping and control of approximately $43 million in operations & maintenance and approximately $440 million in construction. This section is also responsible for ensuring that each facility is energy efficient and that renovations, maintenance, and repairs of old buildings along with the construction of new buildings are completed by processing requisitions, contract agreements and payments to all vendors.
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