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New Key Request

Delegation: Access Manager

Delegation: Department Manager


How can MyFacilities be accessed from outside FIU?

1.MyFacilities is only accessible via the FIU wired and wireless networks on campus. Outside FIU we require the use of the FIU Cisco AnyConnect VPN. For instructions on how to install the VPN please visit the website: or call the help desk 305-348-2284.

What changed?

1. No paper or wet signature is required.

2. The approval process is now electronic.

3. Status updates will be provided via email during each step of the process.

4. You will be notified when the key is ready for pickup versus going to Key Control to wait for your key to be made.

5. The new role of the Access Manager was created and will be involved as an approver in the process in addition to the HR Supervisor. The Access Manager refers to the individual or individuals assigned the responsibility to manage, grant or deny access to a specific room, facility or location.

Why the change?

The previous form was 16 years old and had many limitations. This new site improves on the previous form in the following areas:

1. Security uses FIU single sign on credentials for authentication. Also, uses https certificate based encryption.

2. Automated Approval/Notification Workflow uses email based workflow to route requests for approval and keep requester informed of status. No longer need for an original signature or manually routing of paper back to Key Control.

3. Automated Work Order Assignment and Routing After request is approved a work order is generated in Maximo and routed to Key Control to perform the work. When work is complete a notification is the sent to pickup the key. No longer need to wait in Key Control to cut a key.

Who approves my request now?

This depends on the type of key requested. See below:

Individual Key Request: HR Supervisor  Access Manager

Padlock Key Request: HR Supervisor

Department Key Request: HR Supervisor  HR Department Manager

Maintenance Key Request: HR Supervisor  Facilities AVP/ Executive Director

Telecommunications Key Request: HR Supervisor  Vice President/CIO Division of IT

Building Entry Key Request: HR Supervisor  HR Department Manager

Building Master Key Request: HR Supervisor  HR Department Manager  Provost or CFO or Athletics Director or Chief of Staff for President

Great Grand Master Key Request: HR Supervisor  Facilities AVP/ Executive Director  CFO

Contractor Key Request: POI Supervisor  Access Manager

New Employee Key Request: Supervisor  Access Manager

Student Key Request:  Sponsor  Sponsor's supervisor Access Manager

How do I know if my request was approved?

The system will send email status updates when each approver has responded. You will receive an email with the approve/deny decision and the information on who made the decision in case you have any questions and would like to contact that person directly.

Also, you can check on the status of the request by visiting the MyFacilities home page under the section my pending services to see the status of the request and who is pending approval.

Who can request a key?

All Faculty and Staff who are registered in the HR system and have a MyAccounts username and password can request key access.

For Physical Hard Keys, students who are working on campus and listed in the HR system can request a key and it will be routed through a normal Individual key process. Students who are NOT listed in the HR system can request a key but must select and FIU employee as a sponsor.

Why do we need the new role of Access Manager?

The Access Manager role was created to properly identify who grants or denies access to a space or location. The default Access Manager is derived from a combination of the FAMIS system which identifies the department that is assigned to the space and the HR system to locate the Department Manager. The default Access Manager may delegate this role up to 3 people. This feature is available in the MyFacilities Portal under the Services Menu --> Delegations --> Access Manager

The need for the Access Manager came about because for each request there is usually two authorities that should have input to approve/deny the request. First, the HR supervisor who is responsible for the person requesting the key and second the Access Manager who is responsible for the space. The two authorities may or may not be the same and might also not agree but both need to be informed and provide consent. The prior process failed to account for the approval of the Access Manager of the space and that could become a problem especially in sensitive areas such as Research.

How is the Access Manager assignment determined?

Previously, no system of record existed that tracked Access Managers University wide. So a new process had to be created to identify and capture the Access Managers for every space. Below is the process that was established:

1. We identified which department resides in each space. The University has a system called FAMIS that tracks each space. For each space the system has a department ID that is assigned and used for the purpose of identifying occupancy and management.

2. In order to determine which person to assign as a default, the department ID was then matched to the HR Department Manager. The HR Department Manager became the default Access Manager.

3. A delegation module was created that would allow the default Access Manager to delegate this authority to a maximum of three people per space.


Can the role of Department Manager be delegated?

The department manager is used to approve keys at a higher level than individual keys such as Department or Building Master Keys. If you are listed as a department manager in the MyFacilities Portal you will have the option to delegate to one person as a substitution. This feature is available in the MyFacilities Portal under the Services Menu --> Delegations --> Department Manager

Can the role of Supervisor be delegated?

The supervisor role cannot be delegated. If an employee who is a supervisor is on an HR approved leave the system will automatically role up the approval to the employees immediate HR supervisor.