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BBC Maintenance Unit

Work Management administrates maintenance needs through work orders that are then sent to the concerned maintenance personnel. The department insures all maintenance requests are fulfilled and is committed to providing excellent customer service support. (ext. 74600)
The plumbers perform general plumbing repairs of valves, faucets, flush-o-meters, urinals, kitchen and cafeteria sinks, laboratory equipment, and hot water heaters. These are only a few of the various activities that the plumbers engage in on a daily basis. They also identify emergency situations caused by low water pressure, sewage back-ups, broken pipes, broken fixtures, and floor drains. They respond to all plumbing related emergency situations that occur during and after work hours at BBC.

The electricians perform preventative maintenance of all electrical systems, and direct support technicians in procedures related to electrical installations. The electricians also investigate areas of electrical power variations and shifts, and any light deviation and reduction. In addition, they trouble shoot and repair electrical circuits serving buildings, walkways, parking lots, and security systems.

The painters prepare surfaces to be painted using sandpaper, scrapers, sanding machines, and paint removers. They caulk windows and doors frames, and also repair other cracks and surface imperfections in accordance with standard practices of the trade. The painters prepare and mix the paint by formula to a specific color or to match an existing color. They also apply primer and finish coats of paint, stains, and varnishes to interior and exterior building surfaces. If you should have a work order request for the Painting Department, please contact our Customer Service Center at 919-5567.

Key Control
The Key Control Department coordinates and participates in the repair of campus locks. These include mortise and knob locks, passage locks, combination door locks, padlocks, and furniture locks. They are responsible for the removal, repair, and reinstallation of all types of locksets and cylinders. Key Control also cuts keys requested by University personnel in accordance with existing policies and procedures. This department supervises each issuance and maintains records for such issuances.

Vehicle Services
Vehicle Services routinely inspects and maintains all the state vehicles. These include automobiles, trucks, vans, electrical carts, tractor riding mowers, and all the public safety vehicles. They perform all scheduled preventative service of these vehicles including tune-ups, oil filter changes, greases joints, and replace worn parts, etc., as required. They also check tire pressure and wear, rotate tires on schedule, and replace them as needed. There are two auto-mechanics staffed in the BBC maintenance department.

If you should need to place a work order request for any serviced provided by the Maintenance Department, please contact the Work Order Center at extension 74600.




Physical Plant Building (SO3)


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