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BBC Central Receiving

BBC Central Receiving is a central campus location for the receipt and inspection of all incoming purchase order merchandise and equipment, and delivers the merchandise to the using department. Central Receiving is also a central campus location for shipping university merchandise outside the of the BBC campus.


General Information
RECEIVING REPORT ­ A computer­generated receiving report is kept of all orders whose delivery is consigned to, or is under the supervision of, Central Receiving. As partial shipments are received against the purchase order, the computer file will be updated until all items on the purchase order are received.

FREIGHT TICKETS, PACKING LISTS, WAYBILLS, BILLS OF LANDING ­ The original copy of all freight tickets, waybills, bills of lading, and invoices shall be attached to the original copy of the receiving report for use by the University Controller's Office.

A. Except in case of direct delivery to departments, Central Receiving will retain copies of all freight company documents. Instruction manuals, parts lists, catalogs, and other similar documents received become the property of the ordering department.

B. When items are shipped directly to or picked up by the department, the department shall forward all documents received with the shipment to the Purchasing Office with the invoice.

REPORT OF UNSATISFACTORY SHIPMENT- Damage to shipments must be recorded and processed in accordance with regulations Applying to common carriers. Visible damage shall be noted on the freight company's receipt at the time of delivery. Concealed damage must be officially reported to the freight company within fifteen calendar days after the company delivers the items to the University. Failure to report damages in this time frame will result in the University's loss of right to file a claim and collect for damages. In most instances, Central Receiving will inform the company by telephone and confirm with a completed damage report. Upon receipt of the damage report, the carrier will visit the University, inspect the alleged damage, and furnish a copy of the inspection report. A copy of the freight report must accompany any claim for damage.

Departments should inspect their orders carefully and report any discrepancies (shortages/overages, damage, wrong item, etc.) to Central Receiving within 48 hours. If you are storing your order for future use, make sure to inspect it prior to storage. Concealed damaged claims have a 15 day limit and the sooner we are advised of a problem the easier it will be to correct. When unpacking your order make sure the boxes you are discarding are empty. The custodial workers have found boxes with computer cables, software, power cords, furniture parts, etc. in trash receptacles.

RECEIPT OF UNSOLICITED GOODS ­ Florida Statutes 570.545 states that when unsolicited goods are delivered, the person is not obligated to return the goods to the sender. The law also states that unsolicited goods shall be deemed a gift and recipient may use or dispose of them in any manner without obligation to the sender.


CORRECT DELIVERY LOCATION: Accurate delivery information is extremely important to avoid the major inconvenience of having to arrange for the redelivery of an order. Central Receiving delivers to the location indicated on the Purchase Order. When initiating your requisition make sure to type the actual delivery location for the merchandise.

Central Receiving does not deliver or pickup merchandise off campus. If you have merchandise to be pickup at the airport or other locations, you must arrange for a courier or freight company to deliver it to the campus. Central Receiving at University Park only receives and makes deliveries at University Park. Items for Biscayne Bay Campus must be sent directly to Central Receiving at Biscayne Bay:

Central Receiving
FIU - Biscayne Bay Campus
3000 NE 151 St.
North Miami, FL 33181

PLAN AHEAD: When placing orders, departments must work closely with Central Receiving to arrange for any special handling or storage requirements. Central Receiving cannot provide storage or hold merchandise for departments. If you are ordering large, oversized or extremely heavy equipment, make sure these items will fit through doors and do not exceed weight limits for elevators, etc. You may have to arrange for Installed@ delivery with the vendor. Central Receiving can not move furniture to accommodate incoming equipment nor can we unpack or uncrate merchandise. Departments should contact Campus Services for assistance. It is the department's responsibility to arrange for the removal of discarded packing materials, boxes, pallets, etc.

SHIPPING/RETURNING MERCHANDISE: All university merchandise being shipped out of Central Receiving must be arranged through Purchasing. A Shipping/Return (SL)form must be completed and sent to Central Receiving to initiate a pickup of merchandise to be returned. Receiving cannot not ship your merchandise without a Shipping/Return form. This form provides all information required for shipping, sets value of merchandise for insurance purposes, informs Property and Controllers of merchandise leaving the campus, and allows for the billing of shipping charges to the department through inter- departmental transfer of funds. To avoid refusals by the consignee, the proper return authorization must be obtained from the vendor prior to shipping.




Central Receiving Building (SO1)

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