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Universal Postal Manager
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 Inter Office Mail/Inter Campus Mail

General Information:

There are two types of Campus Interoffice Mail: Individually addressed mail inside Interoffice envelopes and general distribution communication mail.

In most cases mail picked up today is delivered tomorrow. Mail sent from University Park to the Biscayne Bay Campus (and reverse) is usually delivered the next day. Mail going to the Broward, Metro and Wolfsonian  Campuses may take two or three days. (See Courier services)

Addressing Interoffice/Campus Mail:

When sending interoffice mail, it is imperative to correctly address the mail. The following guidelines must be used:

1 - Use only Interoffice envelopes, available from Central Stores, or used Interoffice envelopes you may have on hand.
2 - Completely cross out old address on reused envelopes.
3 - Print receiver=s FULL NAME, DEPARTMENT and CAMPUS clearly.

Building names and room number are not necessary. It is important that receiver's department name appear on the envelope.
If addresses cannot be identified due to an incomplete address, the envelope will be opened to determine the origin, and returned to the sending department for proper addressing. Mis-delivered mail should be returned to the mailroom. If mail is addressed to a specific person no longer in your department, please indicate the correct department if known. In keeping with the University recycling program, do not discard interoffice mail envelopes until all spaces have been used.

General Distribution Communications:

Campus Mail Services is responsible for general communication distribution of memorandum, bulletins, newsletters, flyers, or other official written communications to specified groups rather than individual addressees. It is important that when ordering bulletins through the duplicating center, that you first contact the mailroom for the number of copies you will need for our distribution. Our counts are broken down by Campus into three categories:

1 - Deans, Directors, Department Heads - this group includes top level administrators, deans, directors, chairpersons and department heads. This count may also be used when you want a flyer to get to each department.
2 - Faculty - this group includes all full-time faculty, and in some cases at
the direction of individual departments, it includes adjuncts.
3 - Total - this group count includes the above plus all other employees.

Exclusions from Interoffice Mail:

A few items are excluded from being sent through Interoffice Mail. They include but are not limited to:

1 - Cash
2 - Communications of a personal nature.
3 - Holiday Greeting Cards, wedding and shower invitations.
4 - Announcements of the sale of Personal Property.
5 - Political campaign notices.
6 - Catalogs (such as Avon, Amway, Tupperware)
7 - Non-official University social announcements or meeting notices.

* Note: If you receive a chain letter, do not respond to it. Notify the mailroom.

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