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 United States Postal Services (USPS) Mail




First Class and Priority Mail: First class mail includes letters, post cards, all matter which is typed or handwritten, large envelopes and packages closed against inspection and marked "First Class". Weight limit is 12 ounces. Heavier pieces are considered "Priority Mail". Priority mail envelopes are available free of charge from the Mail Center.


Standard Mail: Standard mail consists of mailable matter which is printed or duplicated - that is, circulars or printed matter containing identical information. Weight limit is 16 ounces or less. Pieces smaller than 3 1/2 x 5 inches are non-mailable. (See Standard Non-Profit Bulk Mail.)


IMPORTANT: All mail leaving the University must include the University return address (including your department name), with the special endorsement "Address Service Requested" below the University address. Unendorsed
mail will be returned to your department. Stamps are available from Central Stores.


Parcel Post: Parcel Post includes merchandise, printed matter, and all other materials weighing more than 16 ounces.


Book Rate: This is a reduced rate for books having 24 or more pages, at least 22 of which are printed, consisting wholly of reading matter. Printed music, sound
recordings, manuscripts, film catalogs and films which must be positive prints in final form for receiving.


Library Rate: Includes books, printed music, bound volumes of academic theses,
sound recordings, periodicals, other library materials, filmstrips, transparencies, scientific and museum materials when loaned or exchanged between schools, colleges, universities, museums and non-profit organizations.



Letters and Letter Packages: This refers to items of mail containing personal handwritten or typewritten communications. Envelopes must be sealed. Self- mailers must be in sealed envelopes. Custom declaration tags are necessary for contents weighing more than one pound.


Global Priority Mail: This service is available to many foreign countries. The weight limit is four pounds. Special

envelopes are needed for this service. Contact the Mail Center for international destinations and envelopes.


Printed Matter: Any package containing printed matter only qualifies for this discount rate. Absolutely no handwritten

or typewritten items are allowed. Custom tags with contents itemized are necessary.


International Parcel Post and Air Parcel Post: This service resembles domestic parcel post. Written communications inside parcel are prohibited. Custom tags are necessary and a detailed list of contents and value is required. Weight limits vary by destination country. Contact the Mail Center for further details. We
send all parcels via Air Parcel Post, unless surface rate is indicated.




Registered Mail: Registered Mail gives added protection for valuables and proof of mailing and delivery. Any mailable item may be registered. This service is also available to many foreign countries. To request this service, mark the letter or parcel with the word "Registered" in red letters and attach a separate voucher. (See return receipt below.) Note: Registered mail cannot be sealed with plastic tape.


Insured Mail: Insurance is available on all classes of U.S. mail on the value of the item. Liability is limited to one thousand dollars. Indicate the amount of insurance desired on the voucher. (See return receipt below.)


Certified Mail: This service is for mail of no intrinsic value (i.e. documents, etc. Proof of delivery is provided with a return receipt (see below). There is no liability with certified mail, and it may be sent only in the U.S. Sender must complete the certified form and indicate service on voucher.


Return Receipt: A return receipt can be requested on Registered, Certified, Insured and Express mail for an additional fee. This provides the sender with proof of delivery. Sender must complete the return receipt card, and attach it to the mailing piece (back side of envelope). Mark envelope above mailing address with the endorsement "Return Receipt Requested".


Express Mail: Express mail is a next day delivery service available to most cities in the U.S. and to some foreign countries. Contact the Mail Center for further instructions, EM mailing labels, and EM envelopes.


Priority Mail: Priority mail is available to U.S. destinations with 2 to 3 days delivery. The Mail Center can provide you with Priority Mail envelopes, labels, document cartons, video mailers, and large mailing tubes, free of charge.


Mail Forwarding: Mail addressed to a specific person in a department will continue to be sent to that department even if the person is no longer here.
It is the responsibility of the individual department to handle all mail forwarding. Our suggested method is to use computer generated labels with the new address and the words "Please forward". Only first class mail can be forward. Other mail can be destroyed.


Money Orders: This service is not available at the University.


Business Reply Mail: This is a special available to all departments that wish to prepay postage on replies from persons and organizations that they have contacted by mail. The advantage of using this service is that you only pay the postage, plus a handling charge, for those pieces that are actually returned to the University. The envelopes and cards must be printed according to strict postal specifications and must bear a permit number and bar code. You must order these envelope from the University Duplicating Center (allow sufficient time for printing). If you wish a reply card as part of a self mailer, you must contact the Publications department for proper layout.



Standard Non-Profit Bulk Mail is an economical method of mailing large numbers of identical pieces of mail within the United States. The Post Office does not guarantee delivery within a specified length of time. Allow 15 days minimum delivery time. We do not suggest it for time sensitive dated material. In order to qualify for Standard Mail rates, it must meet these requirements:


There must be at least 200 pieces.
They must be identical in content and in weight, including envelopes. There can be no handwritten or typewritten marks or entries. The Non-Profit imprint must appear in the upper right corner. The mailing must be accompanied by a signed voucher.
All envelopes must be sealed by the sending department.
Folded self mailers must be sealed with tabs. No staples allowed. All mailing pieces must face the same direction in trays. Domestic Mail only. No foreign countries.
Mailing pieces must have the Departments return address and the "Address Service Requested" endorsement.


Contact the Mail Center for pick-up arrangements in advance. Let us know if you need mailing trays or tubs. When mailing  10,000 or more pieces, please give us two weeks notice to insure funds will be available in our permit account at the Post Office to cover the mailing.


NOTE: Non-profit mail is not prepaid. It cannot be deposited in U.S. mail boxes or at a local Post Office.

Rubber stamps with the Non-profit postage indicia may be purchased from Central Stores. The stamp must be legible on each piece of mail. The term "Bulk Mail" can no longer be used on Standard Non-Profit Mail.


You must contact the Mail Center before using an outside mailing house. Only we can authorize the Post Office to accept the mailing from your mailer. We must prepare the proper documentation before hand. Two weeks in advance is required.If the class of service is changed from Non-profit to First Class, the Non-profit indicia must be covered with a white label by the sending department.


Contact the Mail Center for specific information.


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