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Barry Bacaris

Universal Postal Manager
Off. 305-348-2644
Fax. 305-348 3975

 Vouchered Mail


The mailroom will provide timely service on your outgoing vouchered mail if the following guidelines are followed:


Check your mail just before the scheduled pick up. The few extra minutes you spend will save us a great deal of time and effort. Failure to prepare your mail properly will result in a delay in your mail processing.


All standard size envelopes must be faced one direction and rubber banded along with the voucher.


Standard #10 envelopes containing only one or two pages, need not be sealed; this is done by machine. They must be flapped, so please be sure that all flaps are extended up and out to facilitate sealing by machine.


Folded self mailers must have tabs or water seals. Call the Mail Center for instructions before printing self mailers. Please note the Post Office prohibits staples on self mailers.


Large manila or overstuffed envelopes cannot be processed by machine and must be sealed by the department and have a separate voucher attached.


Foreign letters must be sealed and separated from domestic mail and have a separate voucher. Mail addressed to Canada and Mexico,  must be separated from other countries and must also have a separate voucher. Flats and parcels should be clearly marked to indicate the type of service desired, i.e., Parcel Post, Book Rate, etc. If the parcel is unmarked it will be given ordinary First Class service. A separate voucher is needed for each parcel.


Masking tape is prohibited on all U.S. Mail. Nylon tape, strapping tape or cellophane tape are acceptable.


*Note: All mail vouchers must be stamped with the department name and number. Rubber stamps are ordered through Central Stores.


HAND WRITTEN VOUCHERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! When preparing the voucher, circle the class of mail desired (on left hand side). Do not fill in the quantity or dollar amount. This is figured automatically as the mail is metered, and entered on the voucher by the mailroom.

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