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 Perez, Raul
Refrigeration Mechanic
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Refrigeration Mechanic
Rozenthyn, Edward
Refrigeration Mechanic

BBC Utilities Unit

BBC Utilities Department oversees the providing of electric, water, air-conditioning, and sewage utility services throughout the Biscayne Bay Campus. In addition, Academic One, Academic Two, the Library and the Wolf University Center are provided electricity, domestic water (hot and cold), and air conditioning from one central utilities center. The Utilities Department monitors and manages these operations, at the Central Chiller Plant centrally located to supply the four buildings. If you have problems, please contact our Work Order Center at 305-919-5567

HOT DOMESTIC WATER is obtained by heating water to steam in boilers, which is then sent through coils in a "heat-exchange unit". Water passes through the hot heat exchange and is heated, before being circulated to the buildings and their internal hot water pipes. The hot water system is a closed system, in that it continually recirculates back through the heat-exchange unit. Cold water is continually added to keep the system "full".

COLD DOMESTIC WATER is supplied by city water systems. Many of the buildings require a pump to raise the pressure of the water supplied, to provide adequate pressure throughout the buildings cold water faucets.

FIRE PUMPS AND ALARM SYSTEMS are also maintained by the Utilities Department. These safety systems must be tested often. The fire pump water system is maintained separate from the Domestic Water Systems.

AIR-CONDITIONING is provided through the use of chilled water. The water is continually circulated between the Central Chiller Plant and each building. The water is chilled by one or more "chillers" (depending upon demand), to about 40 degrees. The chilled water is pumped through huge pipes to the "air-handler-units" in each building. The chilled water is run through coils in the air-handler, where air is blown over the coils and chilled. The chilled air is then piped throughout the building by way of ducts and vents.




Central Utilities Plant

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