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Stocker AstroScience Center, BT-814

Stempel Complex, BT-877

International Hurricane Research Center, BT-895

Student Academic Support Center, BT-882

BT-889 Parkview Housing

Campus Master Plan 2010-2020, BT-857

Mixed Use Building, BT-886

BT-897 UHSC Interior Renovations

BT-868 Parking Garage 6

Parking Garage Five (BT-865)/Retail/Public Safety (BT-875)

Science Classroom Complex, BT-876

FIU Stadium Expansion and Master Plan, BT-842

U.S. Century Bank Arena Expansion, BT-837

Parkview Housing, BT-889/Parking Garage Six, BT-868

Continuing Services Roofing Consultant, 2008-2009

Continuing Services Contract - Civil Engineering and Surveying Services, 2008-2009

Continuing Services Contract - Mechanical/Electrical Engineer,2008-2009

Continuing Services Contract - Cost Consultant/Scheduling,2008-2009

Continuing Services Contract - Architectural Services, 2008-2009

Continuing Services Contract - Construction Management Services, 2008-2009

Civil Engineering Continuing Services Consultant
CM Continuing Services Contract 2011-2012
MEP Continuing Services Consultant 2011-2012
Building Code Consultants 2010-2011

Social Sciences International Studies, BT-835

Graduate Student Housing, BT-892



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