Our mission is to provide quality, safe and healthy learning environments using a fully integrated green cleaning program. Service excellence is our priority. It is our goal to protect our environment by managing solid waste disposal, reduce waste, and create sustainability efforts and to continue to build on an already solid sustainable recycling program in compliance with all Federal, State, and Local Laws in support of the University's sustainability policy.

Custodial Services & Integrated Waste Management

Facilities Operations Custodial Services Department provides cleaning services for all academic, administrative, and public spaces in assigned buildings at the Modesto Maidique, Biscayne Bay, and Engineering campuses as well as the Wolfsonian Museum.

Integrated Waste Management is responsible for the continuous and ongoing development of FIU's recycling program and collection of solid waste at the Modesto Maidique, Biscayne Bay, and Engineering campuses as well as the Wolfsonian Museum.

Cleaning Procedure and Frequency

Refer to the Custodial Services Cleaning Procedures document below to see all standard basic services provided by Custodial Services. To schedule carpet or floor maintenance, allow two weeks advanced notice.

Custodial Services Cleaning Procedures

Custodial Services Frequency Chart

Buildings serviced by Custodial Services

Other services

  • Cleaning of microwave, refrigerator, lockers, and other specialty requests are subject to a fee and are required to be booked at a minimum of two (2) hours per service request.

  • Custodial coverage for events are subject to a fee and must meet minimum service hours. Visit event request for more information.

  • Request to shampoo upholstered furniture such as; sofa, chairs and/or cubicles are subject to a fee, for 3 or more upholstered furnitures.

  • Note: Custodial staff does not clean dishes, coffeemakers, toasters, water coolers, computers, keyboards, monitors, media equipment, books, bookshelves, medical equipments, lockers, painting and arts, and personal memorabilia or items. Watering plants are the responsibility of the occupant/department.

  • Review the "Custodial Services Frequency Chart" document above, for more information on our services.

To request services:


The Facilities Operations department’s recycling program is executed by the Custodial Services department for all academic, administrative, and public spaces in assigned buildings at the Modesto Maidique, Biscayne Bay, and Engineering campuses, as well as the Wolfsonian Museum.

Many other units play a vital role in the university’s recycling and waste reduction strategies. Though not all are listed, here are a few examples: the Utilities department plays a critical role in energy reduction, the Plumbing department plays a critical role in water consumption reduction, the Procurement Services department plays a critical role in purchasing recycled materials for the university, the Office of the Controller plays a critical role in re-purposing, selling and/or recycling university property materials through the Asset Management program, the Office of University Sustainability plays a critical role in creating awareness and initiating programs, and Administration plays a critical role in supporting the university’s sustainability efforts. Again, these are only a few examples of the many contributing units.

The University has a well-established recycling program which exceeds the minimum standards as required by the State of Florida under Florida Statute 403.714 and The Florida Solid Waste Management Act of 1988.

Our single stream recycling program began in June 2009. The program has seen a steady growth since.

Waste and Recycling Resources:

Destruction of confidential documents on-site:

There is a charge of $30.00 per 64-gallon cart.

The billing is done through Smart Internal billing, and an activity number is required.

A certificate of destruction is provided upon request.

Did you know?

  • Restroom Paper Products: all restroom paper products are made from 100% recycled material.

  • Trash Bags: all trash liners are either biodegradable or contain recycled content.

  • Recycle Bins:all bins used to collect recyclables contain recycle content. Depending on the bin type, this ranges from 20% to 100% recycled content.

  • Cleaning Chemicals and Equipment: 90% of cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment used are green certified products.

  • Supply Chain: ceiling tiles, carpet and flooring purchased by Facilities all contain recycled materials. In addition, only low VOC paint is purchased, and we only purchase ultra-low water use urinals and toilets with automatic flush valves and we use solar faucets! All interior and exterior lighting continues to be upgraded to LED.

  • Irrigation: we use the water from our own ponds to irrigate our beautiful, landscaped campuses.